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I am Michael Joseph Murano, the author of the Age of the Seer and Wrath of the Urkuun, the doorway to the Epic of Ahiram.

The inspiration for Ahiram came when I was fourteen years old. I went on a school field trip to Byblos, a city as ancient as time, where the sarcophagus of King Ahiram has lain quietly for thousands of years. On its sides, you could see the oldest alphabetic inscription known to mankind. After the tour, we walked on the shores of Byblos, and I began to wonder: how does one invent an alphabet? Do you sit on the beach, fish for sand crabs and sing "a,b,c,d,e,f,g...?" I mean, how do you actually invent an alphabet?

This is when I saw Ahiram, as a boy, running on the sandy shores of Byblos; and running after him, I entered his world, and the story became a part of me as much as I became a part of it. 

I left Lebanon when I was sixteen, three years after the war had broken out in my home country. My family fled to France and then later to Canada, where I completed my graduate studies. There I met my wife and eventually moved to San Diego, California. As our seven children grew up, they too became attached to Ahiram and his adventures, which made for anxiously awaited bedtime stories. Slowly, imperceptibly, the story became an epic of ten books which spanned fourteen years of writing. 

And now, I would like to share the wonders of this epic with you, who like me, might prefer the flying carpets of an improbable voyage to the panegyric of placid escalators in our mega-modern airports.

Welcome, dear reader, to the start of a great friendship.