Baher-Ghafé–Specialty? Shark Meat

From the archives of the World of Ahiram, we bring you, Baher-Ghafé, the town where Ahiram grew up.

Etymologically, Baher-Ghafé means "Sleepy Sea" in reference to the Bay of Yem where the village is located. There, the Mediterranean–the Great Sea, as it was known back then–becomes indolent and lazy. Its waves fan the surface of the sea the way porters, carrying an impatient princess from Ophir, are wont to do when spring wafts its goodbyes and summer settles in for uninterrupted days of sun and fresh tabbouleh.

But Baher-Ghafé also means "Slumbering Giant," a veiled reference to the god of the sea, Yem, subdued by Baal Star Rider. Ten years before the birth of Ahiram, Shalimar, a native of Baher-Ghafé, declared that the days where coming when the Slumbering Giant would rise again and break the staff of Baal.

Thy staff shall be broken, 

Thy chariot brought low,

By a word spoken, shall thy sword be broken

At the setting of the sun.

Baher-Ghafé, population 1,831, at the start of the story, specialized in shark-fishing and a wine praised for its rich, velvety taste. Twice a week, a small caravan would speedily carry the fresh meat and the wine urns to Baalbek, the city of the god, and return with various goods that made life in Baher-Ghafé comfortable, if not easy. 

WorldMichael Joseph Murano