Master Kwadil

Kwadil, leader of the "Caravan from Beyond," Master Dwarf of the Southern Kingdom, is a well-travelled merchant whose net worth escapes the Temple of Baal. Like most of his kin who have been estranged from their homeland since the fall of Mathinar Maro, the High Tower of Unity, Master Kwadil relies on a decentralized network of complex dwarfish connections to manage his vast fortune.

On any given day, you might see him walking, dressed as a commoner with a pair of sturdy leather boots, a white shirt, a wool sweater, and a leather vest with silver buttons. His stocking leather cap hangs nearby beneath his cowl. His beard is trimmed short, and he wears his black, curly hair shoulder length, which is the minimum acceptable length by dwarfish standards. At five feet two, he is tall for a southerner dwarf.

Simple folks consider Kwadil a conjurer of sorts, bringing with his caravan strange and beautiful artifacts: an amethyst crystal skull, or stone disks that produce an eerie, mournful song when hung directly over gold. Golden scarabs, whose wings flutter in the wind. Shells of sea tortoises lined with silver, standing on four alabaster legs with a floral mosaic on its back. Three-dimensional wood etchings depicting, in exquisite details, a wedding feast in a village, a deer hunt, or a flight of geese. Flowers encased in translucent frozen lava. Large, silk tapestries of strange, purple, and bright green, winged beasts. Medicinal jars for every conceivable ailment, or brightly colored garments for every taste.

All for a price. 

Someone needs a sharp sword that does not rust? Master Kwadil has one. Grandmother wants an ailment to cure a chronic cough? The dwarf's apothecary gladly obliges. A nobleman has lost a few teeth? Master Kwadil can craft an implant using teeth from a calf.

His most prized and expensive artifacts grace the walls of the temples of Baal everywhere. Many priests were fond of small orbs from the Shadow Land--–dangerous orbs of ebony and cold steel, and Master Kwadil would oblige. And though many a priest asked him how he managed to walk into the madness of that land and come back sane, he would always smile and simply say: "I set a fittingly fitting step after another step that is fitting most fittingly, and in this simplistic simple manner manage simply to return most simplistically to my starting point at the appointed time and no later."