Yem, Prince of Chaos, Lord of the Wild Waters, is the god ruling over the Great Sea. It is he that stirs the deep vaults rousing the waters into a raging storm. It is he that pounds the rock with fearsome waves and snatches lives from wayward vessels.

To venture upon the watery surface without his blessing is a death sentence. To roam the endless horizons of the vast expanse beyond the Great Sea without his approval is a curse. Thus, every mariner knows to pay his dues to the god of the sea–or to seek the protection of the Baal Overlord, the one god who subdued Yem and ordered him to sleep.

Many of Yem's devotees appeal to Baal's Heavenly Chariot for protection against the capricious, submerged god. Still, coast dwellers give Yem his due for the bountiful food he procures for them from the depths of the sea.

According to Fineekian lore, Yem prowls the coast as a huge, double-finned shark; a shark no one has ever landed.  This depiction of Yem is ancient, predating the Wars of Fire–3,700 years before the birth of Ahiram. Like a shark, Yem is fearsome, able to see the spilling of blood in all his dominion. His retribution is swift and without appeal.

The two fins indicate his otherworldliness and the unpredictable course of action the god may choose to follow.

Yem accepts the sacrifices of thanksgiving of two pelicans or two seagulls, or a sacrifice of petition consisting of the first sheaf of wheat, or grapes equivalent to a half a measure of wine. Nothing caught from the sea may be offered to Yem. Since Baal forbade the cult of Yem, these offerings may only be performed at the altar of Baal–for a small fee.

Yem may have been subdued by Baal, but we must remember that the raging sea and its storms demonstrate our poor understanding of the divine realm. Therefore, it is fitting to offer Yem a sacrifice of thanksgiving, before setting foot on a ship. In this way, we appease his wrath without offending Baal, who is always pleased to see proper acts of worship by god fearing men.
— Teaching of Oreg, High Priest of Baal