Methodical, Primordial, and Centrist Conjurors

The tools of a Conjuror are so simple, a child could comprehend their use quickly. But mastering the baffling ways in which they interact is a life-time’s apprenticeship.
— Sayings of Jehdi, Great Priest of the Temple of Baal

"The Balance", by Ellaine.

Excluding several fringe elements, Conjurors belong to three major schools of magic: the Methodical, Primordial and Centrist. All three schools claim Alissar Ben Nadab as their founder.

Methodical Conjurors

Methodical Conjurors learn a limited set of magical configurations that can then be methodically applied in well-defined sequences.  They hone their talents by increasing the speed of execution and the number of magical artifacts that they can use simultaneously, which allows them to perform more complex sequences. Their mantra is Min Jaber La Jabbar–"power begets power." The majority of Conjurors belong to the Methodical school.

Primordial Conjurors

Primordial Conjurors believe that at the heart of every spell is a primitive spell. "Kill the heart, and the rest will follow," is their singular tactic. They treat spells like evolving species: they graft spells upon spells and grow them. The fact that spells are grown is common knowledge to all Priests of Baal, but that it is possible or even permissible to graft one onto the other is an on-going debate amongst all Conjurors. Primordial Conjurors look for the root (or roots) of a spell they wish to attack and graft the correct counter-spells so that the spell self-destroys.  The marked advantage of a primordial spell is that it requires far less energy to execute than a methodical spell. Conversely, casting a spell is always quick and easy, but the effect takes a long time to be felt, for the spell needs time to grow in the Arayat. Their motto is Alab Aleb–"fallen heart".

Centrist Conjurors

The Centrist school–also known as the Pendulum–sees spells and curses as a collection of measures versus a collection of counter-measures.  A spell where the measures and counter-measures stand in perfect balance is neutral. Tilt the balance in favor of one measure and you get a spell. Tilt it in the other direction and the result is a curse.

To cast a spell, one must create imbalance in the Arayat–the Spell World–and to remove the spell, balance must be restored. Centrists can create far tighter curses than either Methodicals or Primodials and can break through formidable curses the two other schools cannot touch. Still, mastering the art of the Pendulum is far too difficult for most priests: only but a few choose that route. Typically, the High Priest of Babylon belongs to the Pendulum. Their adage is El Nuss Bel Noss–"The Spell is in the Middle".

Alissar Ben Nadab stands undisputed as the greatest sorcerer of Baal. No other priest has ever managed to use the combined techniques of all three schools and create spells beyond the reach of mortal men.
— Teachings of Oreg, High Priest of Baal