The League of the Tajéruun

My son, better to trust your life to a Kerta priest than to entrust your wealth to the Tajéruun.
— Apocryphal sayings of Jehdi, Great Priest of Baal

"The League of the Zakiruun came to life in the eighteenth year of the Age of the Temple, and in those early, chaotic days, the league was mostly serving the needs of the Temple. For ninety years, the league's wealth grew steadily as more and more people called upon its members to memorize important transactions. Eventually, the accumulated wealth attracted the unwanted attention of powerful priests of Baal. To protect their organization, the Zakiruun created a league within their league and charged it with the task of protecting their treasure."

So it was, that on Eilul 6, 118, of the Age of the Temple, the League of the Tajéruun was born in secret. Its members are memory men, who specialize in financial transactions involving the Zakiruun's wealth. When a trader from Quibanxe needs a loan to buy wine from Tanniin, he can:

(a) Get a loan from a third-trusted party for interest ranging from 15% to 30%

(b) Set up a Credit Worthy Word of Honor–a sort of a verbal line of credit, or

(c) Acquire a loan from the league at a rate ranging from 5% to 10%

The Tajéruun's wealth has become so significant, they can afford to be very selective. Being vetted by the Tajéruun is a great honor; a sign of wealth and credit worthiness. The league offers an open line of credit to the select few merchants who can afford it–such as Master Kwadil, the famed Dwarf trader.

Except for a select few priests of the Inner Circle of Baal, no one outside the League of the Tajéruun know the identity of their leaders. Further, the Tajeruun operate through the intermediary of a select few  Zakiruun, preferring the shadows. This secrecy, and their immense wealth, has turned the Zakirrun into the stuff of legends.  From the shores of Fineekia, to the mountains of Tanniin and beyond; fishermen, port workers, artisans and farmers are willing to swear by the golden chariot of Baal, that the Temple of Baal has been overrun by the Tajéruun, who rule everyone's lives in great secrecy. Many are convinced that some day–some say soon–the Tajéruun will come out of hiding, inundate the order of the priesthood and replace the reign of Baal with a tyrant.

Meanwhile, day by the day, gold and silver coins trickle unceasingly into giant caves deep below the earth where the treasure of the Tajéruun sleeps...