Games of the Mines

Rise like the hero you were born to be,
or die the slave you think you are.
                              Ahiram, by Kyra Crouzat

                              Ahiram, by Kyra Crouzat

Suddenly torn from his family, twelve-year-old Ahiram is sold as a slave in the Kingdom of Tanniin. Six years later, in order to win his freedom to return home, Ahiram enters the elite Games of the Mines. Pursued relentlessly by his enemies and driven to the limit of his endurance, Ahiram unwittingly awakens a dormant fury within him, and its resonance is caught by a hidden malice that turns the Games into a living nightmare. Refusing to submit to a cruel tyranny, Ahiram must face a harrowing death in the bowels of the earth. Still, a glimmer of hope remains. For deep within the mines, between stone and gold, a power—unlike anything the world has seen—quietly calls his name.

As of April 15, 2014

Age of the Seer is in its final stage of preparation. If all goes according to plan, the book will be released on July 5, 2014. Initially, it will be offered in two formats: paperback and kindle, with audible soon to follow.

As of July 20, 2014

Much has changed in the interval. Responses from our Beta Readers group has forced us to rethink a number of key elements: The initial cover of the book has been tweaked, more editing rounds are necessary and as a result we have pushed the publication date to September 24. 

A group of our Beta Readers have pointed out that the title is too close to Hunger Games and Games of Thrones, even though the story-line is distinct from either of these stories and was written over a decade prior. True, the Games of the Mines are central to the plot of this book but they have nothing to do with a game of thrones and the main protagonist situation, timeline, historical context, geo-political reality and interest are very different from the situation described in Hunger Games. 

To that end, we have decided to rename the book Age of the Seer, a title more in line with the longer-range plot of the Epic itself and to promote Epic of Ahiram as the leading title of the book.

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