Just a Little Change...

“I’ve made some changes.” Oh, the horror of hearing these words after spending tedious hours completing the edits on just one chapter. More horror to ask your author to clarify one word, and he gives you a five paragraph passage that, you guessed it, now needs editing!

English being Michael’s third language—after Arabic and French—I am amazed that his writing is as clear and grammatical as it is. My utmost goal as editor is, as always, to maintain the author’s voice; even though my author takes pride in saying: “I love writing in parataxic style because it is very much semitic!” Seriously?! (Sorry, Michael!)

Notwithstanding, Michael’s style is indeed his own. I believe you will be caught up in the rich layers of his plot, and swept away in the beautiful descriptions that his prose provides.

Being asked to be the editor for the final rounds for Age of the Seer has been a supreme delight, challenges included. Michael is a scholar and a visionary; editing his work is an honor!


Anouk Mouawad