Team Work

The Epic of Ahiram project is a labor of love for me.  The volunteer team is venturing into the worlds of marketing, publishing, public relations, music production, and video production.  The most amazing thing about this project is that young people from high-school age through college age are the primary participants. The ideas and creativity are phenomenal on this team.  From my experience in corporate America, rarely does one see so many on a team willing to risk placing their creativity and effort up for review and criticism.  This produces a great environment to work in.  Often seeing others on the team overcome challenges or help others work to achieve their best has put steam into my own motivation to strive harder.  

The common vision we have of sharing this story with others has been a strong motivation.  Working with a dedicated and talented team doing something we strongly believe in is invigorating.  Even after a long, tough day at work, I always come out of these meetings recharged and excited that many will get the opportunity to experience the world of adventures and wonder of Ahiram.  I look forward to each Friday evening when our team meets for much more than the end of a long week of work.  It's a rare opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than myself.  

Anouk Mouawad