Taking Notes

I am the administrative assistant  for Team Ahiram.

Despite the fancy title I own, the only thing I really do is take notes.


Well, let me take that back. You’d be surprised how important notes can be, and this project is no exception. Suffice to say, my typing and vocabulary skills have significantly increased for a 15-year-old (note that I didn’t mention grammar or spelling).


As Taskmaster, it is my duty to oversee our weekly meeting conversations and try to keep Michael on track with time. So far it hasn’t worked, but I won’t give up!


Our meetings usually run about 2-4 hours long, so you guessed it! That’s how long I’m typing for.  It’s in these meetings where we come up with all our wild ideas, including Comic Con, Kickstarter, an interview video, and the latest plan; a potential music video for one of the songs that the awesome Music Team put together!

Overall, this has been one heck of an experience, and I can’t wait for the launch of the book on September 24th, and for the adventure to really begin!



Team AhiramAnouk Mouawad