A Musical Touch


It’s a special honor to be a member of Team Ahiram and to help put this project together! We’ve definitely taken a unique route to self-publishing, incorporating other areas of interest, such as music. Being able to use my talent to create the melodies that bring to life the poems written in the book, Age of the Seer, has been a wonderful experience for me, for I hope to make composing a profession. Not only have I, as well as the rest of the music group for Team Ahiram, gained so much experience and knowledge through this opportunity, but we've also come to see the fruits of our labor-- and show to the world the inspiration, creation, and originality each one of us possess.

Putting a poem into music...

Putting a poem into music...

It’s always a slow process when we, composers, sit down to create a new piece. Because the setting of this book takes place in a fictional world some several hundred centuries ago, we really wanted to bring out strong melodic lines, a mixture of major and minor sounds, and both Western and eastern scales to give the music an ancient, eastern feel. We strive to give emotion and understanding to each piece we write; something that will spark your imagination….and help create the scenario or situation within your mind.

"O Flag of My Heart" is by far one of my biggest projects as of yet. Granted, I’m quite new to composition in general, having only started about two years before this project took place. Song writing wasn't my strong point- I’m a pianist first and foremost, and never had a voice to speak of. Yet, once I became inspired with the main theme for the song, everything fell into place. I had to work with our vocalist, Mary E., to keep the pitch range within her capability (never had this problem before; fingers don’t have nearly the same restriction as the human voice, after all), and get feedback from the entire team. I’m proud to say that after these past few months of working and re-working the song, it has gone through its final recording, and is in the process of being mixed down for our upcoming CD. It is my greatest hope that you will enjoy the piece as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to life!

Mariam JM

Hannan Mouawad