How to Visit the Kingdom of Mycene and Stay Alive: Part Five

If you're traveling to Mycene seeking a medical cure, you've got two choices: Blitondo, on the coast, is safe and accessible. It also boasts the greatest physicians across all sixty-two kingdoms. It's pricey though, and since it’s the destination of many high priests of the Temple, you'd better be on the up-and-up with the Temple, or else you might end up fodder for their experiments.

If you're seeking less scrutiny or a cheaper price, you'll need to venture further north, away from the coast, to Karista. Some say the best healers are at Karista. Others call them sorcerers. It's your choice, your money, your health.

Lastly, I'll tell you why you should stick to the southern coast. No matter what, do not venture north of Karista. NEVER venture north of Karista.

Michael Joseph Murano