How to Visit the Kingdom of Mycene and Stay Alive: Part Four

Now that we've dispensed the touristy stuff, here's where you should go:

Mycene’s southern coast is sandy and warm, easily accessible and open to the sea. It is there that most of Myceneans live, in a string of city-ports covering two-hundred and fifty miles. 

If you're into the Temples of Baal, you should take the organized tour through the cities of Thalos, Ndafos, and if you're lucky you might venture as far east as Kyrn, where you could get a panoramic view of the Empyrean territory. Don't forget to ask for the special deal on incense for your offerings at the Temple, or else you'll pay them ten times their price.

If you're going to Mycene for the night life, then Singatava and Este are your destinations. Singatava sports the greatest number of taverns and dance halls, and it holds a huge market that stays open all year long, day and night. I recommend Palatinos for the best fried shrimp and Marina for the greatest ambience. For those who prefer off-beat, more rustic amusements, Eritanos and Azinbra are safe bets.

WorldMichael Joseph Murano