How to Visit the Kingdom of Mycene and Stay Alive: Part Six

Do not, and I mean do not, venture north of Karian. 

You'll hear amazing stories about super-healers in Katele. You'll be told that healers there are kind-hearted and do not seek riches; you'll even be told they can resurrect the dead.

But north of Parithene, if you were to leave behind the pleasant rolling hills where shepherds pasture their sheep, and if you dared descend into Metranos (Serpent's lair) a maze of thousands of canyons, you would discover a side of Mycene you never knew existed. 

Chances are, you would be bewildered, enchanted, enthralled, and overjoyed by what you see. You could chance upon magical artifacts powerful enough to threaten the Temple. 

But you would never use them, at least not as they ought to be used.

You might even throw them away or forget them. 

Most likely, you would never manage to leave Metranos.

And if you did, the Temple would leave you alone. The High Riders would not come after you, and the slave merchants would run away from you.

You would be irreparably insane, and the best part? You won't even know it.  

So if you venture into Mycene, ignore the enchanting voices that call you to Metranos, and stick to the coast. Even the treacherous westerly coast, bane of tall ships and scourge of fishermen, is better than the northern part of the country.

WorldMichael Joseph Murano