How to Visit the Kingdom of Mycene and Stay Alive: Part One

While visiting the strange city of Kirkamesh along the southern coast of Sabea, I chanced upon a Zakiir named Mylos the Mycenean. When he heard I wanted to visit his native homeland, he gave me the following free advice:

"Do not go to Mycene. Avoid it at all cost."

I explained I had urgent business there that could not wait. He sighed, and for half a gold diegan, told me what I had to do—and not do—to survive. Here is what Mylos told me:

“I am going to break my advice into manageable chunks so you will be able to remember. Heed my words and you will save your life. Ignore them at your own peril, for you may end up sold as a slave. I have warned you."

Mylos continued, “First, the boring stuff you need to know if you are going to survive in Mycene:

Mycene is all the more dangerous, because most visitors think it is boring. It is a sunny kingdom east of Tanniin and south of the Empyrean land—that brooding kingdom where a deadly arrow awaits any intruder. Mycene, indolent and sleepy, has known peace for as long as the Temple has been in power. Being one of the first kingdoms to join Baal's alliance, it is a staunch ally with the Temple.”

 “Mycene. She's is quite the site and is as peppy as a diamond traveling on a royal thumb:

Partithene is the capital [Editor's note: It is a dull and boring place; do not waste your money]. It is an administrative center for the Temple, for the High Riders, and for embassies from all over the world. Partithene is second to Babylon when it comes to security and control.

A short distance south of Partithene, along the road to the port of Singatava, lies Thalos-Mineas, the largest slave trade market north of the Great Sea. All types of slaves can be purchased for a reasonable price. [Editor's note: Do not, I repeat DO NOT go to Thalos-Mineas, especially if you are a woman. This is a cut-throat city where the bodies of the dead are picked up weekly and placed alongside the garbage.]’”

To be continued …

WorldAnouk Mouawad