Comic-Con Continued

Team Ahiram at Comic-Con, July 2015

Team Ahiram at Comic-Con, July 2015


For some, spending the weekend down in San Diego among huge crowds and handing out drop cards might not sound like a wonderful idea. But for us?

It was epic

Well, more like crazy, but when you're on the Team, you get used to that pretty quickly. Our goal for Comic-Con this year was to hand out 7,000 drop cards to the thousands of people there, promoting the coming of the second book in the Epic of Ahiram; Wrath of the Urkuun

Of course, that included a good dose of hanging out with the other teens from the Team, meeting celebrities, taking selfies with people in fantastic cosplay, hunting down coffee, and mingling other fantasy fans.

While all that was totally awesome, it was rather hard trying to not get distracted with the amount of costumes, events, and other advertisements that were going on.

Thankfully we've had plenty of practice dealing with distractions at our bi-weekly meetings (thanks Michael), and we successfully met our goal of distributing 7,000 cards during our two days there.

Comic-Con was just one of the many adventures that the Epic of Ahiram has led us to, and I know with absolute certainty that there'll be more to come. 

And they'll be totally epic. 


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