To prevent anyone from reopening the Pit of the Abyss, the Temple will curse anything that reeks of magic. Some priests have been accused of larceny, embezzlement, or profiteering. Others have been guilty of racketeering, threatening to curse the innocent unless hefty payments were made. The Temple is aware of all this and never fails to punish the guilty. Yet, this evil is nothing next to the opening of the Pit.
— Teachings of Oreg, High Priest of Baal
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The Temple of Baal's conception of the cosmos places the Pit at the epicenter of the world. Above it, the deep sea, and above the sea, the land; frail, fragile, and in need of protection. Beyond the land, high up in the sky, is Shamash, the abode of the sun-god Baal, where his priests hope to rest after years of toil and dedication.

Among the Temple’s collection of artwork, a large fresco depicts a white stone, the lid that the Lords of Light used to seal the Pit under the deepest part of the sea. Four priests of Baal stand guard on the slab: a Methodical, a Shoghol, a Kerta, and an Adorant. They represent the four orders of the Temple, who work tirelessly to keep the lid sealed. In this fresco, they stand with their arms raised, hands open. From their combined efforts, a beam of light shoots through the water and up into the stars, wherea being of power descends like a hawk: the Seer of Power. He is represented with a murderous expression, ready to destroy the lid and free the Lords of Chaos.