What exactly are the Games of the mines?

“The Games of the Mines were a great invention of the Kingdom of Tanniin, preserving their national pride and identity. Year after year, the Games reenacted El-Windiir’s victory, and year after year, the team from Baal won, reminding the Tanniinites that Baal was their master and they, his servants. To this end, Baal sent the finest juniors of the High Riders to win the Games.”
— Teachings of Oreg, High Priest of Baal
“The Games were initially conceived to honor El-Windiir’s remarkable victory over the Lords of the Deep. The team with the greatest endurance, physical stamina, perfect self-control, determination, and focus would win.”
— Principles and Rules for the Games of the Mines, The Great Judge Bayrul III
“The Games? A paradox, I say. A rigged cry of freedom, a deadly doorway to freedom, an illusion of reality, a concrete illusion. A marvelous remembrance of El-Windiir’s fate, the Games would kill any participating slave. After all, if the King sets all the slaves free, who would cook the chicken and clean the parsley?”
— Soliloquy of Zuzu the Hip, Jester of the Royal Court of Tanniin
WorldMichael Joseph Murano