Commander of the Silent

It would be unreasonable to assume that the Commander knows about every threat against the Kingdom of Tanniin. After all, he is but one man. No, it would be preposterous to suggest that he was aware of every plan and machinations fomented by far away palaces and castles. But it would be foolish to suppose that the Silent Corps, as an organization, is limited to one person; this stern, stoic, and unflinching man. For, as the head of the Silent, as their uncontested leader, the Commander has a far-reaching view and is better prepared than anyone to ward off the dangers that swirl about like monsters of the deep in murky waters. 

Then again, no one should underestimate the cunning of Sharr or his steely patience and willingness to do everything in his power to subdue the Seer of Power. So then, the wisest among us might well conclude that the outcome of the war to come between the Temple and Tanniin will be decided by the Commander's ability to counteract the plans of the Master of Babylon. In this, Tanniin may take solace, for Sharr  plans alone, whereas the Commander relies on the independent action of the Corps.

And the Corps never disappoints.

Throughout my years of service to the Empress, I have met many remarkable men—some I have admired, some I have loathed. None have won my respect as much as Commander Tanios, for he gave us a measure of courage and integrity that is truly exceptional.
— Diplomatic Notes of Uziguzi, First Adviser to Her Majesty Aylul Meïr Pen, Empress of the Empyreans