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The League of the Tajéruun

The League of the Zakiruun came to life in the eighteenth year of the Age of the Temple, and in those early, chaotic days, the league was mostly serving the needs of the Temple. For ninety years, the league's wealth grew steadily as more and more people called upon its members to memorize important transactions. Eventually, the accumulated wealth attracted the unwanted attention of powerful priests of Baal. To protect their organization, the Zakiruun created a league within their league and charged it with the task of protecting their treasure.

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The League of Zakiruun

The World of Ahiram is strictly oral. No written material is produced. No one writes, no one knows how to read (save, perhaps, the priestly order of the Aryfs within the Temple of Baal). In fact, these concepts are so foreign they are considered the realm of sorcery.

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