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Team meetings...where all the magic happens. 

Team meetings...where all the magic happens. 


Every start-up has a story. An idea that sparks the creation of a product and furthermore, a company. Naturally, behind every story are the people that drive it out of the world of concepts, and into reality. But what happens when you put that idea into the hands of a team, of which half the members are under the age of 22?

What happens when you have a 18 year old planning out a marketing campaign, or when a 16 and couple of 20 year old are bringing music to your business (literally!), and what happens when the task master is a 15 year old high school sophomore?

Opportunity happens.

Candle Bright Books is founded on the idea that people are more important than products, and this core value begins with our team. It is not just about publishing an awesome book, but an opportunity for us all to do what we are passionate about, regardless of age.

What we affectionately call Team Ahiram started out as a group of three. When we laid out a plan to self-publish the first book Epic of Ahiram – Age of the Seer, we quickly found out we needed more help.

Quite suddenly we had numerous people who were excited to be part of our journey, and to lend their talents to the cause. Thing was…most of these volunteers were teenagers.

Michael (the author) quickly saw this as a priceless opportunity to help teens harness their interests through starting a business. We now have a team with ages ranging from 15 to…well…youngish adults.

This is not just a learning experience. It’s the formation of the minds of kids to learn how to succeed in their careers. It’s teaching us how to take responsibility (You thought meeting deadlines in high school was tough??), teaching us how to become leaders, learning to find the balance between creativity and functionality, and most importantly, learning how to be a part of a team working together as a united front to see a project through and build something great.

Of course none of this could be done without the awesome aid of the adults on the team, all of which have not only brought their talents, but their experiences and patience as well.

Candle Bright Books is the beginning of something great. Right now, it’s small. Meetings take place around the dining room every Friday night, working around work schedules, and still trying to find the most strategic seating arrangements. Everyone is volunteering their time and energy to do this.

But it’s a startup that has brought together a group of individuals and has given us an opportunity. And with that opportunity we look to the future with determination and drive.

Look out world, here we come.