CAndle Bright Books

To publish powerful books that reveal the dignity, uniqueness and talents burning within the human heart. To bring to light the beauty of creation and present the imagination with unforgettable images that touches the height of heroism and the depth of love.
— Mission Statement
In Light

Candle Bright Books is the publisher of the Epic of Ahiram. In the last three years, we have published Age of the Seer, Wrath of the Urkuun and the Wretched Race. Currently, we are hard-at-work on The Cup of Eleeje, the fourth book in the Epic. 

Candle Bright Books has developed a full editing, publishing and production life-cycle from scratch. As this experience continues to deepen and mature, we will, then expand our interest and present to our readers a wider variety of titles, all with the same focus: To offer compelling stories that inspire, and helps the imagination to burn brightly, so that others may also be inspired to join us along the way and present to the world timeless stories that will always be worth reading.