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The epic of ahiram

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"Rise like the hero you were born to be, or die the slave you think you are."



About the Author

Michael Joseph Murano

The inspiration for Ahiram came when I was fourteen years old. I went on a school field trip to Byblos, a city as ancient as time, where the sarcophagus of King Ahiram has lain quietly for thousands of years...

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The Books

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Suddenly torn from his family, 12-year-old Ahiram is sold as a slave in the Kingdom of Tanniin.

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Better for the Urkuun to kill Ahiram than for him to open the pit and destroy the world.

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Sarand the Soloist would kill everyone in her path if she knew that twelve-year-old Aquilina was alive.

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Still reeling from the urkuun’s onslaught, the Kingdom of Tanniin is facing existential threats.



I am mesmerized and enchanted with the plot, the characters, the whole fantastical world that Murano had created.

— Amazon Reviewer



The world Murano has created is so lifelike and alluring it’s hard to believe it isn’t real. While reading it felt as if I had fallen into the world of Ahiram.

— T.S. on Goodreads

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Behind the Lore


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