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Suddenly torn from his family, twelve-year-old Ahiram is sold as a slave in the Kingdom of Tanniin. Six years later, in order to win his freedom and return home, Ahiram enters the elite Games of the Mines. Pursued relentlessly by his enemies and driven to the limit of his endurance, Ahiram unwittingly awakens a dormant fury within him, and its resonance is caught by a hidden malice that turns the Games into a living nightmare. Refusing to submit to a cruel tyranny, Ahiram must face a harrowing death in the bowels of the earth. Still, a glimmer of hope remains. For deep within the mines, between stone and gold, a power–unlike anything the world has seen–quietly calls his name.

Michael Joseph Murano does an amazing job in "Age of the Seer: Epic of Ahiram - Book 1." The Plot of this fantasy novel feels like its ever expanding while the pacing is excellent, and you never know which way it is going to go. I truly liked this about the book... more
Erica Ford for Reader Views (02/2015)

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