Composer and Piano: Mariam Mouawad
Vocalist: Mary Evert
Lyrics: Michael Joseph Murano

O Flag of My Heart

O flag of my heart

You are bleeding

The love of my soul

His life receding


O flag of my heart

Why are you fleeting?

The love of my youth

Has left me pleading


For you and the day

Of dancing on high

Embracing the rain

The blue of the sky


The blue of his eyes

The crest of the moon

The silk of the light

On the rim of Aramuun


O flag of my heart

O flee my demise

My love that once soared

My love is no more


Death passes

By me at last

The land is past

Yet as I go today

Where my beloved has gone

Arise O my flag

O hope from the dawn,



On the rays of the sun

On the crest of the moon

On the rim of Aramuun

And fly in their hearts

O fly on their lips

Across all the land

All over their ships

Keep them company until the happy day

When you will be restored

Above all the land


By their voices, by their hands

Until the day when you forevermore

Will fly in the wind by the toll of the bell

And fly El-Windiir by the toll of the bell