The Books


Book 1: Age of the seer

Suddenly torn from his family, 12-year-old Ahiram is sold as a slave in the kingdom of Tanniin. Six years later, in order to win his freedom and return home, Ahiram enters the elite Game of the Mines.

Pursued relentlessly by his enemies and driven to the limit of his endurance, Ahiram unwittingly awakens a dormant fury within him, and its resonance is caught by a hidden malice that turns the Games into a living nightmare. Refusing to submit to a curel tyranny, Ahiram must face a harrowing death in the bowels of the earth.

Still, a glimmer of hope remains. For deep within the mines, between stone and gold, a power -- unlike anything the world has seen -- quietly calls his name.


Wrath of the Urkuun

Better for the Urkuun to kill Ahiram than for him to open the Pit and destroy the world.

So thinks Sharr, High Priest of Baal. By releasing the Urkuun from the Spell World, the High Priest also unleashes the creature's implacable wrath on the unsuspecting Kingdom of Tanniin.

Ahiram discovered the sword of El-Windiir—the blade of legends—at the Games of the Mines. But freedom can sometimes be the harshest of masters and will soon demand that Ahiram confront his worst fears to win a battle he does not yet know how to fight.

His fate, and the fate of the kingdom, hinges on his ability to subdue his stormy rage, rely on the strength of his friends, and believe in the abiding love of Noraldeen.


The Wretched Race

Sarand the Soloist would kill everyone in her path if she knew that twelve-year-old Aquilina was alive. Risking everything, Aquilina's guardians bring her to Tirkalanzibar, where a caravan will take her far away from the clutch of the Soloist.

But Tirkalanzibar is a city of cutthroats and dark secrets where no one is safe for very long. Aquilina's family and friends get caught in a deadly web of deceit that only she can unravel, at the risk of alerting Sarand of her existence.

Further north, Ahiram is on the run. The former slave is trying to reach his homeland in search for clues that might reunite him with his family. But deep within the temple of Babylon, Sharr—the High Priest of Baal and Sarand's superior—hatches a devious plan to inexorably draw the Seer into the Wretched Race. Ahiram's chances of surviving the deadly ordeal are nil, for the Wretched Race was conceived to torment and torture the racers. But Sharr has prepared a trap worse than death to ensnare Ahiram before the Race's end, and bind him to the Temple's will.

Still unaware of each other's existence, the two Seers ride the mighty storm, forging a destiny all their own that may one day turn them into the heroes they were meant to be, if only they survive the might of their implacable enemies.


The Cup of Eleeje

Still reeling from the Urkuun’s onslaught, the Kingdom of Tanniin is facing existential threats. Its survival will depend on the Silent Corps’s ability to execute a string of tightly coordinated cons and covert operations. Across the Great Sea,

Ahiram and his motley crew scramble to defuse a complex plot aimed at the heart of the Maradite Kingdom. Simultaneously, Vily and Aquilina must race against time to prevent the Vanishing from swallowing untold innocent lives.

But Sarand is creeping ever closer, aided by a formidable ally hellbent on destroying the female Seer in Tyrulan. Like an ancient oracle, the Cup of Eleeje beckons to Ahiram and calls him to a greater purpose, while Sharr awaits the opportune moment to control him.

With a snap of his fingers, the priest could combine the seemingly unrelated events of Tanniin and the Marada into a steely trap destined to ensnare Ahiram and turn him once and for all into a faithful servant of Baal.