1. Clara: Epic Home: Take care of the bottom portion (learn more and stuff) - DONE
  2. Clara: Take action on about page - DONE 
  3. Clara: Take action on author page - DONE
  4. Clara: Take care of all pictures - DONE
  5. Clara: Take Action page
  6. Naji: Author Bio
  7. Anouk: Review Author Bio
  8. Clara: Embed email link - DONE
  9. Clara: Create email form (one or the other) - DONE
  10. Clara: play with color of subscribe - ??
  11. Clara: Add subscribe block to try it and Get it - DONE 
  12. Tie the picture of read a chapter on beginnings to "try it"
  13. Take action on Beginnings
  14. Clara: Like it page to be completed. - DONE
  15. Clara: Get it page. - DONE
  16. Blog: Mom and Hannan
  17. Naji: Allow users to subscribe to blog via email